Live Camera

twobytwo is a multi-award winning event photography and videography company based in London. We've spent almost a decade shooting events in some of London's hottest venues for some amazing clients. We can provide multi-camera live crews for livestreams and hybrid events. Our crews use the latest cinema cameras, to provide a cleaner, more cinematic look to live broadcast. Our offering can include event-wide coverage - photography, highlight videograpy and live camera, all from one company.

Our creativity and cinematic approach to live camera is what seperates us from other video companies.


Our crew are experienced in every aspect of camera work and production. We can shoot almost anything - award shows, studio content, fashion shows, corporate live events, camera relay and much more. We've worked in some of the world's biggest venues, and know how to navigate the hybrid event world.

Perfect record

All our live crews have the ability to record not only in-camera, but at the desk, capturing the live mix as it happens. This allows for multiple sources of broadcast quality content for use after the livestream or hybrid event. We can edit this footage in-house, or pass it to the client to use as they wish.

On-site mix

We've built a portable show mixing rack, that allows easy and quick deployment of on-site vision mixing for up to 8 cameras, or a mixture of cameras and graphics. We can mix feeds from wired and wirelss cameras including cameras mounted on gimbals or jibs/cranes, to give a cinematic look to any video.


In addition to camera, we can provide full video lighting setups for any location. Large groups or discussions, single-camera piece-to-camera, sit down interviews and much more. Our cinematic lighting equipment and techniques allow us to light scenes for maximum impact.


Case Studies

Razer Phone Global Launch

Info: For the global launch of the new Razer Phone, we provided a four camera crew with full vision mixing to provide live camera for the live broadcast of the launch. Our coverage included wide shots, as well as roaming shoulder-mounted cameras for closeups of the phone.

Client: Razer

Venue: The IMAX at the Science Museum, London

Mithridate Launch Fashion Show

Info: We provided a three camera setup to capture a unique fashion show at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The runway was within the exhibits, with mutliple step-up areas and guests surrounding the catwalk.

Client: Mithridate / CP Concept

Venue: The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Feed Britain Better Summit

Info: twobytwo provided a multi camera and full lighting setup and live mix for the Feed Britain Better Summit. The livestream was aimed pathing the way to a healtier future, run by Bite Back which was set up by world-famous chef Jamie Oliver. We lived mixed several different setups from the Jamie Oliver offices in London which included piece to cameras as well as a roundtable with members of the Bite Back Youth Board.

Client: Bite Back 2030 / Wise Productions

Venue: The Jamie Oliver offices, London


Info: For several years we have provided full live camera crews for the Most Wanted and IT List Grand Finals. The show, aimed at showcasing the talent within the haidressing industry, takes place annualy at different venues in London. We provided multiple cameras including wirelss transmission from a gimbal camera to capture the winner's walks to stage. We also provided on-site vision mixing to push the content to the big screen and to be recorded later for highlights reels.

Client: Creative Head

Venue: The Natural History Museum & Guildhall, London

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Fundraisers

Info: We have been providing live cameras for charity fundraisers for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity for a number of years. The events, aimed at raising money for the GOSH charity, consist of on-stage speeches, live auctions and celebrity performances which are all captured live by our crews.

Client: The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity / Wise Productions

Venue: The Natural History Museum, London

Sky Big Quiz

Info: twobytwo provide a four camera live relay crew to capture the Sky Big Quiz livestream which was held online for the Sky employees. It included an interactive quiz with celebrity host Josh Widdacome, as well as live musical performances and pre-precorded content.

Client: Sky / Wise Productions

Venue: London Studio